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Osallistu kävelyhaasteeseen!

Happy Hearts Day came to fruition when on the 1st of March two years ago,  a little girl gave her father a handmade card and wished him happy hearts day,  when he asked what was special about the day,  she said it’s to do something kind for someone you love,  or care about.


Our aim is to get 20 teams to walk virtually from Frankfurt to Dublin. The members of your team can be anywhere in the world, the further afield the better, as one of the reasons for doing this is to reestablish ties with old friends from previous travels. All they have to do is download the app,  join your group and all steps they do remotely, will be added locally to your teams total.

The WHY:

–  To remind people of what they do have & not to think of what they don’t have.

 – And re-establish links with friends from afar.

 – To raise money for the children’s hospice in Frankfurt.

 – Collectively to do a 1,000 random acts of kindness over the 17 days.

 – To get fitter & feel better.

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